Praha hl.m.
plný, ŽL
Zástupce vedoucího technického oddělení

Chcete uplatnit svůj inovativní přístup k práci? Máte zkušenosti ze středního či vyššího managementu? Umíte rozdělovat práci, nastavovat KPI's a vyhledávat příležitosti pro zlepšení? Tak to hledáme právě Vás! 

zahraničí (jiné)
50 - 80 000 Kč/měs
plný, ŽL
Řidič kamionu

Hledáme nové kolegy na pozici Řidiče kamionu do Holandska (Nizozemsko). Vítáme kolegy jakéhokoliv věku, pohlaví a národnosti - důležitá je pro nás základní znalost AJ (budete se potřebovat domluvit s klientem).

Praha hl.m.
Vedoucí skladu

Znáte práci ve skladu? Máte organizační talent? Hledáme právě Vás! 

50 - 60 000 Kč/měs
Водій вантажних перевезень (Чехія - Італія)

Стабільна чеська компанія, яка вже має багато філіалів по цілому світі, у пошуках колеги на позицію водія міжнародних перевезень.

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Why choose us

Hodnota #1

We will help you find a suitable position that matches your experience, specific focus, and future aspirations.

Hodnota #2

We willput you in touch with the employer. You can be sure that the company will pay attention to your profile. You will receive appropriate feedback from us.

Hodnota #3

We are here for you the whole time. You will receive advice on what your resume and cover letter should look like and how to succeed in the selection process. We are your rock that you can always count on to advise you on what to do.

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How the recruitment process works

  1. 1st step

    You will first meet with our recruiter and share your vision and how you view the specific job openings.

    Our recruiter will, in turn, show you companies and specific job positions, that you can find with us.

    As a result, you will receive insight into the current situation in the labor market..

  2. 2nd step

    After you get to know each other a little, you will have a detailed interview. As a result, your profile will be created, and your recommendation written.

    This will be sent to your dream employer. We will help you arrange an interview at the company and prepare you for the selection process.

  3. 3rd step

    We will be at your disposal during the entire process and advise you on how to proceed.

    We will see you through the selection process and make sure your onboarding experience is as pleasant as possible.

    Your feedback is highly valuable, and we will much appreciate it after your start at the company.

Relocation and Visa Support

With our help relocating to a foreign country is stress-free. We will help you organize the whole move.

You will receive all information regarding your arrival and first steps.

We will be on hand to answer any questions you may have—whether it be accommodation, medical examinations, or opening a bank account.

We are pros at arranging the necessary visas for you. You will receive support in all areas of immigration law.

The most common visas used include

  • Schengen visa
  • Long-term visas
  • Long-term residence
  • Employee card/blue card
  • Temporary residence—EU
  • Permanent residence

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